Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to Give the Best Food Service with Kroid POS?

The Faster The Better

Kroid androidpoint of sale system is critically designed to fit the concept of restaurant business. In giving food service, it is essential to consider not only the best menu you offer but as well as how you deliver your entire service. People come in and out your restaurant for various reasons. It may be for business, celebrations, find love, hang-out or taste new flavors. However, the top motive is to satisfy their crave. No matter what type of social circles people have, it wouldn't be complete without something to eat. Now if you delay your food delivery to your customers, don't be surprised if they start to change mood from sweet to irritated! Research shows that hunger is one of the contributing factors why people get mad. They won't even care how good your food is as too much waiting spurned all excitement to taste your delicious offers. So how do you lessen the burden of waiting? As much as possible, inform the availability of your food offers and how much time does it have to take for preparation so that customers won't have false expectation and eventually lose interest and most importantly be on time! Avoid disappointment or it will leave guests bitterness and resentment. Enjoy faster payment transactions as well using Kroid point of sale system to help you serve customers conveniently and effectively.

Employ Friendly Staff

Manage your staffs schedule in no hassle with Kroid Android Point of Sale system. If you want to create a friendly environment so that your customers would feel at ease and secured of their needs, be sure they are surrounded with warm and nice household. It is a delightful feeling when customers enter and leave your place with an unending gratitude and wide smiles they put on their faces because of satisfaction with your service. That is why, it is best to always pay attention to your customer's need. Want to know a simple secret to achieve the best service to make your business become successful? Put on the priority of your guest's needs before your sales. This will make them stick for you in a lifetime. So orient your staff to be polite and attentive to your guests in every ways at all times. Encourage them to do so and who knows, customers might give them an additional tip for their excellent service. Do the extra mile and see the results. You can always monitor your staff's performance at the back office of your Kroid Android Point of Sale System.

android point of sale system
android point of sale system

Surprise Your Guests

Easily add discounts on your selected food items with Kroid POS. Giving a discount is an absolute way to win favor to your customers. As it is with shopping, people would love to have more and spend more if they get to possess everything they desire at a lower price. Your customers have been with you through thick and thin, for all good times or even bad times if it is unavoidable, it's time to treat them back with rewards. Discounts urges them to order more and come back for more. This also helps create a loyal and long lasting relationship with your guests. In addition, giving discounts will also attract new customers to try your delicacies and taste the difference your resto could give in terms of quality service. Give your customer's a stellar experience like a five star hotel with the power of Kroid android point of sale system.


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